The club on the upper level has 6 bunkrooms sleeping 8 people per room

Bunk or single beds with a mattress are provided
Please bring your own linen, blankets or sleeping bag and towels

  • Private access via rear stairs in the event the hall is being used by an event
  • Direct access to upstairs club lounge
  • Full Kitchen including oven, stove, fridge and dishwasher located in the club lounge
  • High speed fibre broadband internet with site wide wireless coverage
  • Deadicated toliets and showers
  • Accessibility for limited mobility and disabilities (via lift)
  • Site wide power generator backup in the event of a power outage, starts in seconds
  • Small seperate accomdation lounge seperate from club lounge

During the patrol season November to March some of the bunk rooms are reserved for Lifeguards during the week.

The club lounge can be shared with other people staying in the accomdation and lifeguards, lifeguarding activites are undertaken thought the whole year.