Our Story

Conceived in 1998 and opened on 23 January 2013 at a cost of $5.1 million, the vision for the Surf Club at Muriwai was to deliver a bold and exciting facility that set a new standard for surf life saving club amenities in New Zealand, but also to be much more….it is home to many local sports, leisure and interest groups, a purpose designed educational facility, a gathering point for the local community and the foundation of a strong and prosperous volunteer lifeguard service going forward.

Remarkably, the full funding package for the project was put together in a little over three years.  Our business case for undertaking what’s subsequently been described as a ‘game changing’ development was pretty impressive, even if we say so ourselves.  See for yourself by clicking here (insert PDF)

Today, management of The Surf Club at Muriwai is ‘by the community, for the community’ .Whilst the Muriwai Lifeguard Service Amenities Trust owns the facilities and is ultimately responsible for all aspects of its use and management, a Users’ Group comprising representatives of all groups that regularly use the new amenities decide who gets to use what spaces, when, and on what basis.  The Users’ Group determines hire rates, booking policies, and the apportionment of operating costs and the cost of consumables.  This is believed to be the most inclusive, responsive way of ensuring the many users get a say in the management of a facility that has been designed and constructed for their shared use.

Two years on, and our expectations have been exceeded. More than 65,000 people have visited the facilities, and the diversity of uses to which it is being put is a testament to the design team.  So perhaps no surprises we have won a NZ Institute of Architecture ‘Public Architecture’ award, and also a silver award at the NZ Commercial Projects Awards staged by the Registered Master Builders Association.